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Hands on Treatments by Cathy Burns, Certified Foot, Face & Back Zonologist®


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Foot Zone Balance Treatment®     $5 off! - reg price $45                 $40
Imagine a one hour foot treatment using custom blended essential oils to sooth your tired feet and revitalize your
entire body.  Foot Zone Balance is one of the best alternative methods for full body rejuvenation and repair.
Although similar to reflexology, Foot Zone Balance is much more. It is a very in depth treatment  that  works to
restore the entire body.  It is very relaxing and enjoyable.          

Face Zone Balance®                            $5 off! - reg price $45                   $40                                              
A very relaxing 45 - 60 minute treatment for face, head and neck. Increases blood circulation to the face, restores
youthful appearance, relieves stress, melancholy and depression, balancing hormones and inner organs.  Great
for sinus and migraine headaches.

Back Zone Balance®                        
This treatment is a relaxing and rejuvenating  treatment for the back.  It releases tension, removes toxins and
balances inner organs and hormones.  It helps cleanse connective tissue, lymph, spinal nerves and bone
structure. It strengthens muscles in the back while increasing elasticity and firmness of muscle.  Improves
absorption of nutrients; increases cleansing capacity of colon and bladder.

60 minutes:     $60.00       90 Minutes       $ 70.00     
The Foot, Face and Back  Zone treatments include an aromatherapy treatment custom blended just for

Crystal Bowl Healing Session                                                     DONATION
Experience the healing power of sound and vibration through the use of crystal singing bowls.  Scientific studies
show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems.  The
sounds and vibrations produced by the bowls can put the entire body, including the brain, into a state of relxation
and harmony.  (20 to 60 minutes)

35 Minute Massage on Thermal Jade Roller Massage Bed                                    $15
20 Minute Foot Machine                                                                                               $ 5


35 Minute Massage Bed Treatment Packages

3 times -     $35 plus tax
10 times -   $100 plus tax

Hands on Treatments

Buy 7 Foot Zones get 1 Free

7 Foot Zone Balance Sessions                               $240.00 + tax

Buy 3 treatments get 1 Free

Foot Zone and Face Zone                                        $75.00 + tax      3times $215+tax
Back Zone and Foot or Face Zone                           $90.00 + tax      3 times $250+tax
Foot Zone, Face Zone & Back Zone                       $130.00 + tax      3 times $375+tax

Buy 4 Back Zones -  Get 1 Free

1 1/2 hr. - 5 treatments                                           $270 + tax
1 hr. - 5 treatments                                                 $220 + tax

Prices and hours effective 1-1-11  and subject to change.  All services subject to sales tax.