Foot Zone Balancing           

Foot Zone Balance

Foot Zone Balancing or Foot Zoning is one of the best alternative methods for full body
rejuvenation and repair. Although similar to reflex logy, Foot Zone Balance is much more.
It is very in depth, in that it works on the entire being, mentally, physically, emotionally and

Footzonolgy is a technique that is currently taught only through the Nordblum Institute of
Footzonolgy.  Katri Nordblum, owner of the school, has spent over 30 years researching
and developing the protocol for this treatment.  Cathy Burns is certified in foot zone
balance, back zone balance and face zone balance.

Although there are many ways to access the body, we have found that the Foot Zone is
the most in depth and the most accurate with the body and how it works. Many people
have experienced remarkable relief from such ailments as headaches, back pain,
digestive problems, sleep disorders, depression, auto immune failure, the common cold
or flu and many other health problems.

Foot Zone Balancing has been around for thousands of years. It has come and gone with
the rise and fall of many civilizations.

How does it work?

Within everyone’s feet lies a detailed and complex signal system. The signal system is
connected to every part of our anatomy – all organs, muscular and skeleton systems.
These signals run to the extremities of our body, our hand, ears, and most certainly our
feet. In the feet, the signals have been mapped out in great detail. Through this map, a
trained and certified therapist can access the body, analyze the signals, and treat this
signal system.

In more modern day terms – the body is accessed through the feet the same as a
computer is accessed through the keyboard.  Foot Zone Balancing is a method of
correcting, balancing and renewing the entire body at a cellular level. The signal system
is a connecting link between the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and
the etheric/spiritual body.

From the beginning, each cell of our body has been programmed with an immortal
memory – meaning that the cell has the knowledge and ability to renew itself.
Our DNA pattern holds a perfect blueprint of our body. Through this, our body is aware
and knows how to heal itself and build a perfect cell. Through Foot Zone Balancing, the
body is rejuvenated, and our original DNA pattern is reconnected.

Who will benefit from the ZONE?

There are no age limits when it comes to Foot Zone Balancing – from babies that are 2
hours old, to all ages of life. It will benefit all those who desire to take control of one’s own
health and well being and it will give accurate information on the body’s current stat of

It will benefit all those people who desire a renewed health and rejuvenated body. Others
will see benefits of disease prevention, enduring health, strong immune response, and
help in regaining health after injury or illness.

Who can not be ZONED?

The few that can not be Zoned are ones with organ or tissue transplants, non attached
foreign objects in the body, pace makers, or recent surgeries. This is because as the
signal system is stimulated, it indicates to the body to return to its original DNA status
and to disregard foreign objects from the body.

How can I get my feet Zoned?

Call 327-7553 to set up an appointment.