The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room has again gone through another major change.  We
have moved to 108 N. Behrend, Suite C.  This is actually in the same
building as the old 228 W. Main location,  with the entrance on the
Behrend side street.   I am loving the new more intimate and peaceful
space and my friends that have made their way up the stairs, really like it
too.  It is much more relaxing, but with the change it is now necessary to
make an appointment to use the massage beds and the oxygen bar is no
longer in service.

When I opened The Breathing Room in October of 2005, I could never
imagine how the business would evolve.  In the beginning, the main focus
was on the massage beds and foot machines.   We then started to offer
hands on treatments, sell Earth shoes, organic lotions, balms and salves,
and essential oils.    Many, many people have been helped through the
healing benefits of all our products and services.   While we continue to
offer Foot, Face and Back Zone Balance, and sell essential oils, we no
longer sell earth shoes and other gift items.

Our main focus is the tremendous healing benefits of the Zone Balance
treatments and offering custom aromatherapy blends.  Throughout the
year additional services will be added to offerings.

The Burn’s found the inspiration for the Breathing Room at a Nuga Best
distributorship in Las Cruces.  Cathy and her daughter, Amanda, happened
across the ‘Free Massage’ sign and decided to check it out.   Due to the
stressful conditions of modern life, both of them had a lot of back tension,
low energy and mild anxiety.  After the 35 minute session on the bed and
20 minutes of foot massages, they both felt so much better that Cathy
bought a bed and started making plans to open her own healing business,
a life long dream.  Within a short time of owning her own bed, Cathy
noticed that she a lot fewer aches and pains, her spine was much more
flexible and she had improved circulation, clearer skin and better
digestion.  She has also noticed an improvement in her ability to fight of
colds and flu and has experienced fewer allergies.  If she feels like she is
coming down with something, she can lie on the bed before going to
sleep and wake up feeling fine.

Cathy’s sister, Susan Shipman, who also works at the store, has noticed
she is far less stiff with fewer aches and pains from regular use of the
bed.  Scott has had some amazing results in reducing his low back pain by
using the low-frequency pad that comes as part of the bed.

During use of the bed, clients remain fully clothed, they are asked to only
remove their shoes and belts, and then they are ready for a massage.   
The Breathing Room has two beds that can be used simultaneously.  

Daily use of the massage bed is known to promote:

*Stress Reduction * Improved Circulation* Stimulated Nerve Function*
Improved Immune System * Increased Energy * Allergy Relief * Enhanced
Metabolism* Pain Reduction * Arthritis Relief*Cholesterol Removal

Appointment hours are adapted to meet your schedule.

The Breathing Room
108 N. Behrend, Suite C
Farmington, NM 87401        505-327-7553